Policy Statement

Discrimination is any negative action, attitude or polarisation directed towards a  person or group/s of people because of their individual characteristics or preferences of life. The Company strongly believes that every person has the right to life, survive, compete, earn and excel in everything they do.    

Discrimination of a person or a group/s of people happens when one person or a group of persons show unreasonable bias to another person or group of persons because of their:

√ Age
√ Religion
√ Caste
√ Ethnicity/ nationality
√ Disability/ medical history
√ Marriage / civil partnership
√ Pregnancy / maternity/ paternity
√ Gender identity/ sexual orientation
√ Political affiliations
√ Community
√ Social status

XUVO Carnival does not tolerate any kind of such discrimination that creates a hostile and unpleasant environment for its employees and customers.